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The history of Phillips & Temro Industries.

The history of Phillips & Temro dates back to 1920, when James B. Carter opened his manufacturing business in Winnipeg, Canada. Over the years, Carter invested heavily in acquisitions, research, and equipment that led to an expansion of heating products  aimed at keeping cars starting on cold Canadian mornings. By the 1970s, the company changed its name to Carter Temro Ltd.

Approximately 400 miles south in Minneapolis, Phillips Moses had started his own manufacturing and sales company. In 1945, the company was acquired and renamed the Phillips Manufacturing Company. Over time, the Phillips product line expanded to include engine heaters and related heating products.

The merging of the two companies began in 1972. The next ten years saw the Phillips side of the business move to a bigger facility in nearby Eden Prairie, MN. By the early 1980s, both facilities had become market leaders in heating technology for aftermarket and OEM customers.

Today the company is owned by Harbour Group and is the leading global supplier of Heating, Cooling, and Hybrid/Electric Vehicle technology.


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