Air Intake Heaters

Designed to provide quick, smooth and reliable starts.

 Air Intake Heaters (also known as grid and manifold heaters) are used in diesel applications needing quick, reliable, and environmentally friendly starts. Air Intake Heaters are installed in the intake manifold and pre-heat the combustion air to the required temperature for ignition of fuel. Powered by the vehicle battery, Air Intake Heaters provide an on-board, unplugged, cold weather starting aid. This type of engine preheating is cost-effective and good for the environment. In addition to producing fast starts, Air Intake Heaters reduce white smoke ("cold emissions"), engine wear, battery consumption, and fuel consumption during start up.
Phillips & Temro’s Air Intake Heaters are highly durable and low maintenance because they are designed and developed for each engine.   Air Intake Heaters are used on a wide variety of applications including on-highway, construction, agricultural, forestry, marine,  and power generation products.


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